Navy Federal Credit Union offers FICO scores free as does Bank of America.  The funny thing is seldom do they agree.

We too use our credit card company to view FICO scores for $$FREE$$. What I don't really understand is (1) The necessity to pay any credit bureau to do what they are in business to do?  We refuse to pay them to market our data to back to us.  Legally, we are entitled to receive  our credit report for FREE  once per year.   In wake of the Massive SECURITY BREACH at Equifax, we simply chose to LOCK all of our credit reports. It was obvious that  more emphasis was placed on the colllection of our data vs PROTECTION of data.   This also limits who has access to our information.  You would be surprised at the # of times your information is accessed by companies you have no known affiliation with.   When they try to scare us with the "Dark Web" ads, my question is ....  So your "business model" is NOT to notify banks, credit card companies, insurers, Social Security Admin., FBI, FTC, etc   that your company is aware of  criminal activity whereby information being used illegally? 

@SandSMD, Our top priority is the security and service we provide our members. USAA follows a thorough process to identify partners and to manage ongoing relations. The unfortunate reality is that cybercrime is a reality in our world today and we all must take extra measures to best protect ourselves. Even though USAA has a highly sophisticated fraud detection team that is constantly monitoring account activity we encourage all members to enroll in multifactor authentication, respond to alerts and monitor their accounts through services such as USAA's free credit check monitoring.