External account function not functioning properly

I have a credit union registered with USAA as an external account; that CU has both savings and checking accounts [along with other sub-accounts].   I’ve transferred money to USAA many, many times from those two accounts, and started to do so a few minutes ago.  Trouble is, the account status says it was updated 9 hours ago, but the amount USAA shows is off by tens of thousands of dollars between the two.   I could try transferring again, but I don’t know which of the two sub-accounts you will pull from.   USAA’s page lists them with the CU’s internal numeric designator [for example, if the overall account is [removed sensitive data] it will have an additional identifier attached; let’s call it -01 after the account number for savings, or [removed sensitive data]-01,  and [removed sensitive data]-12 after the account number for checking].   After making a rather substantial transfer, the one I want to make next would exceed the checking account balance.   Your “updated” balances are woefully off the mark!!!   We need a way to designate which sub-accounts we wish to pull against.   I don’t want you to pull money from the wrong account, possibly causing an overdraft.   When we pay a credit card or other USAA bill, please allow us to choose which external account.  Our choices between USAA accounts are checking versus savings; but the choice from the external account is only the base account [e.g., [removed sensitive data]].   

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I dealt with a credit union that used that bizarre system for a while. I found that if I used the whole MICU printed on the check (there were a few digits preceding the account number) some banks would process it properly. (Others, on the other hand, wouldn't be able to process it at all.)


It's really a dumb system. It's one of the reasons I don't deal much with that credit union anymore. Any time I linked the account it was a gamble whether or not it would work with the other institution.

Thnx.   But this is in online transfers, not with checks.   There’s no option to make notes or list anything other than the CU name on USAA’s page.   They won’t be charging their account numbering system anytime soon; and I doubt USAA will make detailed fixes, either.   So I’m stuck in limbo.   This is yet another case of the App [and full webpage?] not being worth much.   USAA can differentiate between savings and checking on the bill pay page, but doesn’t do so between sub-accounts at connected financial institutions.   

Good afternoon @oldesoldier, I regret to hear of the concerns you are having. Generally speaking, when adding an external account to your funds transfer list you should be able to see the last four of the account to designate the appropriate account you are wanting to initiate the funds transfer from/to. What I will do is share your concerns with the appropriate area, if additional information is needed they may reach out to you. For immediate assistance you can call us to 210-531-8722 and a subject matter expert can review to determine the accounts on the funds transfer list are showing correctly. I apologize however we're unable to confirm via our social channels.