My debit card is expiring next month and I have yet to receive a new one in the mail. I would not think it should take this long. 


Hi there.  We send out the card to be received no later than the 15th of the expiring month. So that we may go over this with you, please chat with us.  Please initiate a chat by selecting HELP at the top of or the “Ask a Representative” from the account summary page.

I have a credit card that was expiring in a month.  I called USAA to ask why I had not received a new card and was told that they usually do not send those out until about 15 days before the expiration. I actually got mine a month prior to that expiration. I have no idea why they wait until the last minute. If an active duty member is deployed, then that short time period might cause some issues in getting it in hand and activating it in a timely manner.  Which might be a logical reason to have another credit card.  If I can't use my USAA card, I will use a competitors.  It's their loss. 

@Skyhook, Thanks for taking the time to post your concern regarding credit card renewals. Typically, the renewal cards are ordered within 45 days from the current card's expiration date. I apologize that you were provided the incorrect information. In the meantime, I will share your comments with our team. If you need further assistance, please let us know. - Ben