Years ago I signed up for a Credit Monitoring Account.  Needed to because Tricare, the VA, and other military services had been hacked and my information was out in the ether.  When I signed up for it, it was a service that was thru USAA.  This month I decided to cancel that service because there hasn't been any unwarranted activity on my accounts. The only service I receive from them on a regular basis is an offer for a list of new criminals  in my neighborhood.  I didn't sign up for this service and I can get that info for free from my local police department.  

I logged on to USAA and under their services section noticed that they no longer offer this service.  When I called USAA to find out how to cancel Experian,  they put me on hold with a wait time of 2 hours!!  While waiting on hold, I tried to message them thru their automated messaging service, but the service said that they couldn't understand my question??!!   An hour later, I spoke to a customer service rep.  She was a delightful young woman who answered my question and helped me start the cancelation process, but I am many of you guys have had to wait on hold for that long?? 

I told the young woman that they need to hire more customer reps or up their AI game.  Something is really wrong at USAA  if the out going CEO gets a 6 million dollar golden parachute but they can't hire enough people to answer the phone!!  This is a bank whose customers are mainly military personnel, veterans, or family members of those people.  I am state side but USAA does have a lot of account holders who are stationed overseas or on ships.  They can't wait 2 hours to talk to someone about their money.  If USAA is going to rely on automation or AI, it needs to be a system that is 5 times better than what Well Fargo has. We don't have the option to stop in at a local branch!!  We depend on phone and/or internet access to do our banking!! 

I think the real problem is that they have forgotten who they are serving.  When USAA places ads with the NFL, it gives financial  support to a group who, by proxity, supports BLM and other radical groups.  Doesn't USAA understand that these groups are against us and what we do? If they get rid of us this country will not be free for any of us... it won't matter what color you are, where you live, or what god(s) you believe in!!  A strong military helps us stand united.  Without one, we will definitely fall!!