Experian Credit Report, Score, and Error Correction

Around August 2016, i started using the USAA portal to access Experian credit report, Advantage Score, and send disputes and error corrections for my credit information. There was little to no information on USAA Experian portal reports. They have completely different information on the phone line and system handling the USAA member service sponsored Experian reports, than if you just logged into experian and set up an account online directly. The Experian vantage scores you are given through USAA for the same time not match. I had a suppose it collection for a deal on a TV service from five years earlier that suddenly popped up on my Experian report via USAA's version. I talk to the customer service person provided me through USAA and sent in a dispute through their process to deny it. My dispute came back as denied and they were going to keep the collection action on my report as Ballard. I contacted Experian directly and they said they had no collection delinquent by any company. they could not explain why going to the USAA portal OK different information and did not provide the same thing that was on their report. They printed a current Experian report and sent it to me just shows that there was no delinquent account by this company which through USAA experience was continuing to list on my report. This is typical of the different you see where essentially no information of any ask records or credit history is listed on the USAA Experian Portal, but you can get 20 pages from Experian direct. Equifax is much more accurate. Other services like MyFICO, I believe it is, give tremendous tools to use to view credit history from various agencies and education that is extremely helpful. You should not rely on Experian for your credit report information.