Exclude category from budget tools track money

Is it possible to exclude transactions from the Track Money section of the Budget Tools?

We have two checking accounts, one that is used for checks and bill payment purposes and a second that is debit transactions only. As such, we are constantly moving money from the main account to the debit only account.

When I look at the track money charts, the transfers category balances but the total numbers are inflated. Basically, it looks as if I have a lot more income and outflow that I do. If I can exclude those transactions, it will make it easier to read the charts and analysis that it provides.
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@Halfpast3, I understand that you'd like to exclude a category from your budget. USAA's budget tool is a simple and powerful way to help stay on top of your finances.
Let's check out how you can create a better budget. You have two choices: "Auto Generate a Budget" and "Start from Scratch."

Start from Scratch allows you to create your budget manually, one category at a time.
Simply click the add symbol, keep or edit the budget amount, and save. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with your overall budget.


Auto Generate calculates your average monthly spending for the last two months and generates a budget for you.
You also can edit and delete budget categories to customize your budget to fit your needs.


To edit or delete a budget from the main screen, click on a current budget bubble.
Then select "Edit Budget" to either change your budget amount or delete the category from your budget.


I hope this helps! ~DC

Thanks for the info on creating a budget, however it’s been made and things are populating accordingly.

My question, however, relates to the Track Money feature of the budget tools.

When I look at the Money In/Out and the pie chart, those totals are inflated by approximately 3x. When I transfer from my main account to my debit account, there is a transaction out (from Main) and a corresponding in (to Debit). Those transactions show up the pie chart and the totals for the Money In/Out calculation. Since they aren’t true income or expenses, I need to exclude them from being shown.

I’m trying to see if I can stop using my current budget tools I favor of the built in USAA tool and so far, the inability to exclude transaction categories from the charting/tracking feature is preventing me from making the change.