The answer to this might be obvious, but: the estimated gain/loss column in my investment page. Does this number refer to the total amount gained or lost since I bought the stock? Does it reset yearly? I haven't been able to find an answer to this question. Thanks!


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Thanks Tara, but it's just a terminology clarification. I want  a definition of the term you are using on your site. It's not something that should require any specific information from me - otherwise, I would have opened a help ticket instead of using the member community.


Unfortunately, I cannot define this for you as I do not know. It is not our area. So, even though we don't need specific information you'll need more than a forum moderator such as myself to get you the correct information. If you don't mind sending a service specialist an email that would be the most efficient way to get an "official" answer. I'm sorry I cannot be of more help. 


Thank you for your patience. I was able to track down an official answer for you. 


Q: Does this number refer to the total amount gained or lost since I bought the stock?

A: Yes. If you transferred it in, the purchase price provided to USAA.


Q: Does it reset yearly?

A: No it does not.


We appreciate your feedback – the team will look into how they can improve how they communicate this information on the investment page.


It would be so helpful if USAA would add pop-up explanations of all the column headers.  The definition you provided cannot be correct - "the total amount gained or lost since I bought the stock". I just bought a stock a few minutes ago.  The estimated gain/loss is listed at +15, but the actual gain/loss today is -11.  So does the estimated gain/loss refer to the estimated change in the stock's value for the end of the day?

Hi zouie, were you able to find an answer to this question? Thanks!

Just found this, as i was searching for the definition.  i didn't take into account the 8.95 fee for the trrade and that is why my intial loss was posted right after the trade even though the share price went up.


BelmontyPython, we'll be happy to forward your post to the appropriate area to review your concerns further. Thank you. - Rhonda

I was recently doing some investing and I ran into the same question. To answer the question, the Estimated Gain/Loss is the same value in the Unrealized Gain/Loss view Gain/Loss column. Yeah I know, that sounds confusing.


So if you go into your brokerage account view. Then click on the Stock Name a drop down will appear like below.


Unrealized Gain Loss.PNG


Click on Unrealized Gain/Loss and it will show the posititions you own for that stock and the share price paid at the time(s) of purchase. Further, there is a column that shows Gain/Loss. This is the Recent Market Value Column minus Cost Column. I hope that helps as I respond over 3 years later!