Erosion of Customer Service

My credit card was incorrectly cancelled December 28 when I called to merely dispute a vendor's duplicate charge.  I found out about the cancellation when my attempted purchase that evening was embarrassingly refused.   I immediately called USAA Customer Service.  Customer Service asked for the name of who I talked to to dispute the charge.  Why was I asked?  USAA records calls, but doesn't know when they last talked with me and who it was with?  I talked to "Joy'' from the Philippines on the 28th to dispute the charge.  And, I don't recall the name of who I talked to that evening (she was in the USA and very nice), but she said I'd receive a call from USAA about this the next day, the 29th.  No call was received on the 29th or any other day.  So, I called USAA and after 50 minutes waiting, I was elevated to a higher level customer service.  After explaining my situation, she also said USAA would look into this and give me a call back. No call has been received - it’s been a week.

Also, I had four other automated charges cancelled, some were tax deductible for 2021.  That’s irretrievably lost.  And, I may be subject to late payment fees from those creditors with whom I used the card for auto payments.  I'll have to spend many hours providing all the replacement card's numbers if I wish to continue to use auto payments.  Between my lost charitable contributions, my lost credibility and my lost time, this is egregious USAA disservice, but my consequences.

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@flynplay, This surely is something I never like to read. We appreciate you and never want you to feel this way. I located your info and I am engaging the appropriate area to review your concerns. ~Tom

The USAA slaps just never stop. So very underhanded.