Environmental Irresponsibility

20+ year member here.  Like many of you, I have also become more aware of my carbon footprint and am trying to take steps to reduce it in order to help in the fight against Climate Change.  I learned that, one of the major impacts we have is where our money gets invested (with or without our knowledge). 


I found USAA's Environmental Responsibility page (https://www.usaa.com/inet/wc/about-usaa-environmental-commitment) and was hoping to see some information on where USAA invests our money when we have it sitting in our checking and savings accounts.  Ideally, I wanted to see how USAA has taken a greenhouse gas inventory, what their Climate Action Plan is, their timeline for divesting from all stranded fossil fuel liabilities, and how much progress they have made.  Instead, all I see is some bragging about recycling paper and having an efficient HQ building.  Okay, well good for you, USAA, but you are sort of missing the point. 


The USAA Environmental Commitment page looks like a chainsaw psychopath telling me that he wears eye and hearing protection while he slaughters people with his chainsaw.  It's just slightly better than nothing, but does not at all address the extremely important issue at hand.  Hey USAA; please look over the fence at banks like Atmos Financial and make some big changes to your environmental commitment before customers like me jump the fence.  Thank you.

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@ODgreen16, thank you for your interest in USAA's sustainability efforts and your due diligence in researching our Environmental Responsibility page. As we adopt new and greener business practices, we will continue to update our site. You are welcome to check back at a later time. Your membership of 20 years is appreciated and we thank you for taking the time to reach out with your concerns. - Rhonda

Well said. TY.