I've used TurboTax every year since 2005.  I've been a proponent of the software and recommended it to everyone I know as long as I can remember but his year that all comes to an end.


Make no mistake, TT is easy to use and covers all the topics necessary to file even complex tax returns including those military-specific items that most tax preparers can't wrap their brains around.


However, the pricing model has forced me to find help elsewhere next tax year.  Because I own a home in KS that I rent out the software forces me to use the premier edition.  Because my mortgage is so small, with a good rate, I can't deduct enough to make the standard deduction.  So, in the end, I pay $75 for what is basically a 1040EZ and a schedule A with nothing on it.  Complete rip off when TT will not let you chose the software version you need.


Last year I was willing to pay thirty something dollars not to re-enter all the personal data but now that the price has more than doubled, I'm not willing to continue.


Oh, well, another great product, endorsed by USAA, goes down the drain.


Howdy so what r u using?? Would going to the IRS direct be easier? Or a free service.😕