Email or text all debit/credit card transactions

I discovered two days ago that my debit card had been used by someon. A solution to the problem would be to email or text the aaccount owner all transaction. I would have iimmediately known a problem existed. Please consider the suggestion.

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@Anchor1790, we do have the option to set up alerts for your accounts. You can do so by selecting your name on the top right hand side > Profile and Preferences. Once hear you will want to visit the Delivery Settings and Account Messaging sections. Delivery Settings will allow you to manage delivery via text message or email. Account Messaging will allow you to manage what kind of alerts you will get. I hope this helps. Respectfully -Colleen

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1. First of all, if you haven't already, HERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU SHOULD DO:


  • Call as soon as possible the USAA Fraud Department. Click here for more information.


(From USAA Security Center Pop-Up)


If you've received a suspicious USAA e-mail or have visited a suspicious website, immediately send us the e-mail (as an attachment) or send a link to the website to

Call Us

If you ever suspect you are a victim of fraud or identity theft, contact us immediately to report it.

    Identity Theft: Call the USAA Identity Theft Assistance Team at 1-877-762-7256.
    Lost or Stolen Card: Call the USAA Federal Savings Bank at 1-210-531-USAA (8722) or toll free.
    Lost Account Information: Call the Website Customer Support line at 1-877-632-3002.




  • Start E-Mail Conversation with USAA. Click here to start.

  • Read these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) found here.

  • For more information about Understanding and Reporting Suspicious Activity click here.

2. Now for your SUGGESTION "Have USAA E-Mail Or Text ALL Debit and Credit Card Transactions".


  • I feel that having USAA set up a "process' whereby each and every Debit/ATM Card and Credit Card Transaction was immediately sent via some preferred means (either E-Mail or Phone Text)  would be problematic and not to mention very "data intensive" and costly for Members on "limited data plans".

  • However, that said, USAA does currently have a way to "set up alerts". Here is how:

    □ Click here to see information about how to Sign Up and Manage Alerts.

       View Information about Security and Fraud Alerts

       View Information about Account Alerts

    □ Click here to see information about how to Set Up Text Messaging.

  • If you have a GREAT SUGGESTION or FEEDBACK then click here to start the process of telling USAA all about it.

Keep those ideas coming.

I have contacted the fraud department. The suggestion is a thought of mine after reviewing the situation. Thanks, ToddAdams

Todd Adams,

Thank you for the suggestion. I will pass it up the flag pole. 

We have had our card compromised several times, now. Each time I have found out the "hard way"...I was unable to use it, and usually when we were out of town. I now have a cell phone, and have signed up for alerts, but, and everyone I have talked with at USAA is surprised to learn this, alerts are not sent when the transaction is pending. It might be as many as four days before a purchase is moved from "pending" to, I guess, "completed". Now, this is just fine if it is actually my purchase, but if the person swiping the card has "swiped" my number.... I know that American Express and Discover are set up to notify you immediately when the card is used (you still can set the amount where you want an alert), so USAA, being on the vanguard of fraud prevention should be able to do the same thing. Or, am I just being unreasonable?


          Thank you for sending it "up". A text or email notification option for members seems a programming solution to unlawful transactions. There is no doubt i would have caught the issue immediately if this type of feedback occurred. With all the debt card hacking this seems a solution that will be implemented sooner or later. The losses would be stemmed and cost lessened. The cost of programming is a one time expense. One has to get burned before the real value of the  text/email option is completely obvious. The world is becomming more and more internet and that opens up the opportunity for hackers to steal. For thought, I did shop at Target during that period in December when all the debt card numbers were stolen. I thought about changing my card. At the very least I should have changed my pin which can be done online. Hindsight is 20/20. At the time, I thought "who would pay attention to my account". If the hack came from there, I guess someone did. Todd Adams

A friend uses Chase, and I noticed he receives an alert within SECONDS after swiping his card at a point of sale. I was amazed, not at the technology, but because the USAA mobile app doesn't do this! It seems obvious.

After reading about the complexity that exists under the covers, I can see why providing notice on each transaction can be difficult. 


Wikipedia, font of mostly but not always accurate information, has some good examples under 'authorization hold'.   The computer system has to handle all the edge cases without completely befuddling the user.   On the other hand, most transactions can have immediate SMS or email notification (I would use SMS as email is less secure).


Other banks offer this service.  I would really like to receive a sms text every time my debit card is used.  That would help in the fight against fraud.  Just bought an RFID wallet yesterday.  We must be proactive.


If someone has limited data/texting they could opt out to avoid extra charges if they want.


I just recently was the victim of someone using my CC as well. I find it hard to believe that USAA still does not have a system in place for customers to setup transaction alerts on Debit and CC transactions, especially In light of the recent Credit bureau hacks.