We (my wife and I ) took the e-mailed Deposit @ Home survey and we hope USAA is not thinking of ditching this banking feature, but that is the apparent idea. When dealing with a bank that does not have brick-and-mortar branches I cannot imagine USAA considering eliminating the instantaneous (compared to snail mail) and convenient way to make a deposit with Deposit @ Home. The last question asked on the survey was what we would do if Deposit @ Home was eliminated and we checked "Close the account". We are already moving all our savings to other institutions due to USAA's anemic interest rates and, "just in case", we opened another checking account and also now have a Visa card from that credit union. It is as if USAA is not aware they now have competition and many long term members are, or should be, shopping around. We use direct deposit when possible but many deposits are not of that type. We've been with USAA Fed. Savings since its inception. We simply will not mail deposits or find and wait at a UPS store in order to maintain a checking account.



I am not aware of any plans to eliminate Deposit @ Home. I would think with so many banks offering that and it being a successful program at USAA that maybe this question just was misinterpreted. However, I am not the final say. I will pass this comment to the appropriate department and see if we can get an official answer or at least some insight. 

Thank you. 

Another great way for us out of towners to deposit checks is at a UPS store, if one is available. I would doubt USAA would stop offering. I work for another bank, but have had my USAA account since college (AGES ago) and I think there would be lots of attrition if the feature was eliminated.

The disturbing part was the last question about what we would do if Deposit @ Home were not available.  And, the fact that USAA had to survey the feature's value begins the discussion of its continued existence.  We depositors seem to spend a lot of time keeping up with bank fees and credit card features.  I would be disappointed if I could not make a deposit from my desk at home or from a rented studio overseas..at any hour.  Trusting postal departments these days is a risk to be avoided.


An official answer has been requested. However, the same thing I said was said by other community managers. We don't think you have anything to worry/stress over in this instance, deposit @ mobile is not going anywhere. We're sorry that the question may have made it seem that way. 

Funny how things change a mere 6-8 months later, hm? Deposit@Home IS being eliminated and the person who opened this discussion thread had accurate information.


The worst part about this act is that USAA is not being totally honest/transparent about what the actual reason for the removal of this feature is. There is nothing on the public Internet that indicates that Java is suddenly going to be nonfunctional across PC browsers on August 28, 2015.. but that's pretty much what USAA is telling to its customers which is patently misleading, if not an outright misrepresentation of the facts of the situation.


I'm looking for someone at USAA to come forward and tell the customer base the real reason for this feature removal. Why would USAA make its customers manually perform a lot of work that was otherwise automated by the Java applet? Why can't you find another way to automate this before you remove the functionality completely?

HI GrayW0lf,



Here is the email that was sent to members, not sure if you received this - so I wanted to share with you. :-)



Effective Aug. 28, 2015, the PC versions of most internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) will no longer support the Java applet that Deposit@Home needs to run on PCs. We have no control over this external issue, but we have several convenient deposit options.


How to Continue Making Deposits From a PC

To continue using Deposit@Home from a PC, follow these steps to scan and upload check images:


Use your scanner to create .jpg images of both sides of your check, and save them to your PC.


Go to Deposit@Home, and follow the upload instructions.


Other Deposit Options

You can also make deposits using these convenient options:


Deposit@Mobile® - Deposit your endorsed check with your smartphone and the USAA mobile app.

Deposit-capable ATMs - Use USAA Bank ATMs at our financial centers or in retail locations to make cash or check deposits.


This Change Does Not Affect Mac Users

If you're a Mac user, please continue to use Deposit@Home as you normally do.


If you have questions or need help, call our website customer support center at 1-800-845-8024. We're available everyday from 6 a.m. to midnight CT. We value your business and the opportunity to serve all your financial needs.


I hope this information helps, you will still be able to scan and deposit your checks from home, just following a a slightly different process. Thank you.

Hello Angela,


Yes, I already saw that email - that is precisely the message to which I was referring in my previous post (albeit somewhat indirectly, perhaps).


The suggestion that PC browsers will be unable to use Java, generically, on August 28, 2015 is preposterous and inexcusable. There is no actual explanation as to why the Deposit@Home automation functionality is being removed.


It is a big disservice to take a tool that automates both the generation of scanned images and the uploading of those images to USAA and replacing it with a wholly manual process to USAA's customers. WIth the advent of HTML5, I cannot understand why the USAA team cannot find (or will not provide) another solution to automate the Deposit@Home functions for desktop PC users who preferred that method for depositing checks.


BTW - UPS Store deposits, mobile deposits - those are all great, if you have those options available. Not every USAA customer will. Mailing checks to be deposited is a huge delay in that process. So I stand by my criticism until I get a better explanation as to what's going on.


EDIT: More tellingly: Mac users aren't impacted?! That's ridiculous. If you can automate for the Mac users, you can automate for PC users. There is no excuse here.



I understand your concern, I too am a PC user. I will go ahead and send your comments and concerns over to our bank team. I appreciate your patience while I hear back. Thank you.

Hello Angela,


That would be fantastic. The frustration comes from the removal of the tool and the silliness of the so-called "reason" provided.


Any help that you can provide is appreciated!