My husband's employer is not open the day after Thanksgiving and they are telling us all deposits will be made as usual, but that they do have to send it in a day early.


Will we still have our deposit in our account on Thursday or, because of Thursday being a holiday, will it be Wednesday?  I'm trying to get an idea exactly when USAA will be processing deposits before Thursday.




Hi ColoradoMtnGirl, That's a great question. We post direct deposits as soon as we receive the information from employers or government agencies. Regrettably, we would not be able to provide the exact date when your husband's direct deposit will post. Therefore, I would recommend your husband contact his payroll department to confirm the exact deposit date. Keep in mind that Thanksgiving is a banking holiday. However, the day after Thanksgiving is a normal banking business day. If you need further assistance, please contact us if you need additional assistance. - Ben

Thank you for your reply, but you can't tell us if USAA is processing deposits on Wednesday night?  Thursday?  Thursday night?

ColoraoMtnGirl, Yes, we will continue to process deposits on Wednesday. Deposits will not process on Thanksgiving as the Federal Reserve is closed. - Ben