Dear USAA Social Services,


Recently (September 7, 2022), a USAA press release stated that, "Tara Leweling, who joined the company earlier this year to lead environmental, social and governance (ESG), will serve in an expanded role as vice president and chief diversity and sustainability officer."  The fact that USAA has elevated their ESG person to vice-presidential status concerns me, and undoubtedly many, many other members.  I suspect that a substantial portion of USAA's membership disagree with the particular politics behind the recent "woke" push for ESG investing considerations.


Please let us know if USAA is investing any of its members' deposits and financial holdings in ESG financial vehicles.  You know, so that your millions of military-affiliated members can make informed decisions about where to put, and who to trust, with their hard-earned money.  It's established fact that ESG investments as a class return demonstrably lower returns than non-ESG products.  Perhaps that's why USAA is currently paying a small fraction of the interest that other financial institutions currently are.  Perhaps Ms. Leweling can release a statement explaining if and why this may be the case ... you know, like a financial company with transparent motives might release to its stakeholders.  


Regardless, you can tell us the answer here.  We need to know.  We have a right to know.


Thanks, and I look forward to your reply.


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Ditto! Thank you for expressing so well, your thoughts that align perfectly with mine. 


After a 49 year affiliation with USAA this revelation of ESG focus gives me pause to wonder if I will make it to 50.

Just joined, new member, but may change my mind if this is going down the woke road. I did not serve this country to hand it over to a woke craze.

And I do not think this was an inquiry - it was a statement on intent. 

In the corporate world we've seen over and over again what rich white guys- like USAA CEO Wayne Peacock-  do when they feel guilty that they have so much money: they endlessly prattle on about "social justice," and BLM, and more recently "ESG," while telling the ignorant masses they need to be guided by the elite...them. It's almost like a syndrome, or at least a requirement to be accepted in the rarefied world of the wonderful, white, and wealthy.

For Sean 1990--Ty for pointing out USAA"s ESG wokeness. USAA"s position on being all in on ESG is detrimental to USAA "members" and should be reversed.


For USAA---Get off the woke train !

Hello and thank you for your inquiry. We will forward your inquiry to the appropriate department for review!

USAA Social Service


I too would like an explanation and completely agree that a response posted to this forum is in order. It has been 3 weeks and you still have not responded. I have been a loyal USAA customer for over 25 years; the 'woke' agenda is completely unacceptable.

1)  Why has there been no response?

2)  Do you plan on responding?


Respectfully Submitted

Actually I would like a reply on this forum, not just a review.  Thanks.