Success!  They asked us to wait until the 14th, I did, and in less than 6 minutes total call time, my new chip & PIN card is on the way :)


PS: After you get to credit card options via the voice prompts, just say "operator".  It doesn't understand "chip card" or "chip & PIN card" yet.


Great! Did you get a Visa or MasterCard? Last time I called, they said it was not available on Visa at all.



My account was already MasterCard, he didn't ask about switching to Visa.  He also noted the black card is their only design style right now - and that once someone converts to this card, they can't go back (which sounds like a good sign they're moving towards this goal for everyone).


Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I will be calling them today!


Yeah I was able to get mine a few days ago. From the post that I have read online regarding USAA's chip and pin card is that it is only for Mastercard, but with their recent upgrade they might have slipped visa cards into the mix. 


Heres a standard image the representative was nice enough to email me. 


Also just incase anyone needed to know secured Mastercards are indeed eligable. I have two Mastercard with USAA(one secured the other a standard world Mastercard) both are eligable. Some reps were unsure about the secured card and it was a huge run around untill I finally got the "yes its eligable"






There is LOTS of updated and new information about USAA Offering EMV Chip and PIN Credit Cards that can be found in this other USAA Member Community Post found here.

Keeping Members Informed.


What other post?


I believe they are referring to the one linked to in the two comments above yours - https://communities.usaa.com/t5/Money-Matters-Discussion/USAA-Offering-EMV-Chip-and-PIN-Credit-Cards...




The LINK in your last post above results (or resulted should you correct it) in the following:

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I have CORRECTED THE LINK (and changed the "link text") which is shown below:


USAA Offering EMV Chip and PIN Credit Cards


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Website Guru,

Well, thanks so much for fixing the link. However, it works just fine for me. Perhaps it is because I am logged in to the USAA platform vs. being outside. That has happened before. If it doesn't work clicking on it inside the post you can cut and paste it and it will work when placed in your browser regardless of being logged in or not.


Either way, our readers now have both. One of them will work for you. 

Thank you.