Michelle W
USAA is traditionally at the forefront of technology and security(ex, deposit@home. With recent increased prevalence of security breaches of credit card companies, EMV cards are becoming more attractive from a security standpoint. Is there any plan in place to move to these cards? Can we depend on USAA to continue to lead us?



I do not have the answer to this here in the community, but I will send it up the flagpole to be addressed. 


I second this on EMV.  For those of us who travel internationally frequently, EMV is the standard in many other countries.  I can be hard to use a swipe credit card in some places.

Do you have any news regarding USAA EMV cards?

Eric Baltazar

I do not. I sent this link to the USAA staff to answer for you. I will give it another try. Thank for your patience. 


This is a great question. Please note that USAA Bank members are eligible to request a chip and PIN card if they plan to work or travel overseas. In the coming years, when more U.S. merchants begin installing the new chip and PIN payment terminals, USAA Bank will convert all of its credit cards to this technology.

Additionally, please note you can find more information on this subject here: https://www.usaa.com/inet/pages/faq_Chip_and_PIN_Cards_FAQs_index

Given all of the 2013 Holiday Breaches, I think the switch to EMV cards should be mandatory. Americans should have been leading this charge not playing catch up. If you're not the lead dog...

OK, so how do I request a chip & PIN EMV card?  Seems to me that USAA should enable this though an interface as seamless as it is to set-up a travel notofication.  Guess I have to telephonically deal with a rep.?

I got my chip and pin USAA card last year. I think I had to call and request it.