Double Payment

At the beginning of May, I secheduled a $422 paymnet on my USAA VISA.  It paid on 6 May, and AGAIN on 7 May.  Called Card Services today (5/8); was told that because I paid my bill from an external bank, USAA policy is that it must wait 10 days before they can fix it.

No good reason, just that 10 days is USAA Policy.

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@SrChief53, Yes, I am so sorry for this inconvenience, we do wait for the payment to clear which puts a hold on the available credit but it does reflect the date when received as when it was paid. If you are needing to use your card and the credit limit is too low (and you cannot wait for it to clear) you can try to raise your credit limit. Hope this clears it up a bit. Thank you for reaching out.  ~Tom

Painfully CLEAR that you either DIDN'T READ my post, or simply DIDN'T UNDERSTAND.  USAA posted my payment TWICE:  that means USAA TOOK $422 OUT OF MY CHECKING ACCOUNT TWICE!!  Asking for a Credit Line Increase on my credit card is not going to fix that.  USAA needs to reverse one of those ACH transactions from my checking account, BUT CORPORATE POLICY DICTATES A 10 DAY WAIT.  In other words, that;s the penalty for NOT having a USAA checking account.

@SrChief53, Thanks for writing back, sorry that I misunderstood! What you can do is cancel the duplicate payment online. Click on Pay Bills and then "Recent Payment Activity".  To the right of those 2 duplicate transactions you will see under the "I want to..." an action dropdown with a green arrow. Pick one of the transactions and the choice to cancel or modify is there. Hope that helps and thanks again ~Tom

Thanks for the Reply.

Your advice only works when a payment is "Pending".

If processed (as BOTH of mine were) the answer is: This payment has been processed and can't be canceled or changed.

Remember, CORPORATE POLICY DICTATES THAT I WAIT 10 DAYS, regardless of circumstanes, 10 DAYS!

We live in a digital-age where transations happen in nano-seonds, but CORPORATE POLICY DICTATES THAT I WAIT 10 DAYS.

I know this could be handled in less time than it takes USAA to run one of those $5M Super Bowl ads, but instead, I wait 10 days for my $422.

@SrChief53, I hear you and totally get your frustration. I am forwarding your concerns now to a bank specialist to review this. Thank you for the feedback, we appreciate you telling us where you feel we need improvement to best serve our mission. ~Tom

Tom - Wanted to let you know I received a call from your Advoacy Rep today.  She investigated my situation, and confirmed it was my fault.  I had a scheduled payment; I changed the payment date.  Instead, it paid twice; my fault, there's nothing wrong with your system!  In fact, I was at the same screen you had suggested a few days ago, where you can change a payment.  But there's one CAVEAT: if you aren't REAL careful on the CHANGE screen, you will simply end up making a 2nd payment.  Again, my fault.  And, if I wanted the 2nd payment refunded, your system is not capable of doing that.  First, I have to wait the mandatory 10 days.  There's no flex; I must wait 10 days because "it's Corporate policy".  Then, in this day and age of everthing electronic, USAA will issue me a PAPER check and drop it in U.S. SNAIL.  My other option is to just "let it go" and the second payment will just pay-down my balance a little further.

@SrChief53, I understand the frustration this has caused you. The policy is uniformly enforced for all members but that does not dismiss your experience. I think most would be very upset if any bill came out twice. I regret that we did not have a solution that worked for you when something like this occurs. One thing I might have suggested would be to use the card to pay any other obligations you had if the funds were available to use on the card. That would be quicker than waiting the 10 days. Note: that may not have applied to your situation but I blindly state that just as an example of something that may have been an alternative. I do hope that this will not impact your relationship with USAA moving forward. We value you as a member and will take your feedback to heart. Thank you for the post. ~Suzy