Dont try to get a loan

I recently Paid off my truck and figured i would take out a loan to consolidates my Credit card bills into one.  I been a member for 21 years, Pretty much My whole adult life.  I have had auto insurance and even Rental insurance, Checking account, savings account and even a credit account with USAA, so you think after being a loyal customer for 21 years that i would be able to get a small loan, NOPE.  I mean its not like I have bad credit, its not the best either.  Never been late on a bill in my life, but guise USAA has deem this Loyal customer to be to great of a risk.  Well i been thinking of going else were for my auto insurance  since  USAA does not even have the best rates for me, I have check around, but i had stayed cause I have had them for so long and they had done right by me in the past.  But after reading several responds about there service and then even talking on the phone and was told they can't tell me why i was turn down and was given phone number for the company they use for credit checks.  I might have to go else where for all my needs, for all of them, including auto insurance, banking/savings and once the credit card is paid off, close that down, no more for a company that wont do business with some one who been with them for 21 years.

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Disappointedmember21 - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason

@Disappointedmember21- I am sorry to hear of your disappointment with USAA. I would hate for you to need to choose another insurer, have you had a chance to chat or speak with us about your insurance? We can always look to see if there are any new savings opportunities. For example we are rolling out a Safe Pilot app to more and more states as it is approved by each state. The app tracks your driving habits and the safer you drive the better your premium, everyone who participates saves money, but you can increase the savings by being a safe driver. ~Shawna

I have spoken several times over the years about auto insurance in the past, not recently, but its always been the same answer, "thats the lowest rates, only way to drop the rates is to have a higher detectable."