DON’T EVER TRUST USAA!!!  They’ve made me homeless, again.  This time they spent a couple of weeks lying to me and giving me the runaround, then altered my bank statements to match their lies.

I called USAA on the morning of November 2 to request a stop payment on a scheduled ACH.  The representative I spoke with told me that the transaction had not yet posted, but that he was placing the stop payment on my account.  He informed me that a stop payment request can take up to 48 hours to take effect, but as long as he noted the account that day the payment would be stopped.

On November 4 the ACH I had requested stopped was debited from my account anyway.  I called USAA again that day, and the representative I spoke with told me there was no record of the stop payment request or my phone call from November 2, but that she could start a dispute of the charge so that I could get the money back.

I called the following week and the representative I spoke with said there was no record of any dispute, but my account showed the stop payment I had requested on the 2nd actually taking effect on the 6th.  For the next few days, over multiple phone calls, numerous USAA representatives gave me the same explanation:  It was my fault that the stop payment request  I made on the 2nd didn’t take effect in time to stop the payment on the 4th because stop payment requests can take up to 48 hours to take effect, and in this case that 48 hours started on Nov. 2nd and didn’t end until Nov. 6th, and that’s why I should have called sooner.  Because I only called 48 hours prior to the ACH posting, that wasn’t enough time for the 48 hour stop payment request to take effect, because in my case that 48 hours took 4 days, so it obviously wasn’t the bank’s fault.  Every one of them tried to feed me this explanation as though it rested on sound logic, and none of them could figure out why I couldn’t understand the very simple math they were using to arrive at their nonsensical conclusion.

While all of this was going on, my rent payment bounced, as I had told them it would if they didn’t stop the $500 ACH that I asked them to stop, so I’ll be living in my car at the end of the month.  I also went a few days without food until a friend found out and bought me a few groceries.  No one could wire money to my account to help me, because every few days USAA charged me more Non-Sufficient Funds fees, so my account was overdrawn by $75 and any money someone sent me would have been eaten by the bank while I stayed hungry.

Two days ago I received a voicemail from Christina S., claiming to be from the office of USAA’s CEO, Wayne Peacock.  Apparently, my dispute had been resolved.  The NSF fees had been returned, and MY BANK STATEMENT WAS ALTERED TO SHOW THE ACH THAT CAME OUT ON THE 4TH COMING OUT ON THE 2ND INSTEAD.  Since I only called the same day the withdrawal happened, the bank was unable to stop it.  All they had to do was alter the date of the transaction, and I got to keep starving.

I’ll be going hungry on Thanksgiving this year.  A few days later I’ll be kicked out of my apartment and moving into my car, where I will live while I study for this semester’s final exams.  My kids won’t get much for Christmas this year, but hopefully after the new year I’ll be able to put a roof back over my head, get a hot meal, and hopefully try to make it up to them on their birthdays.  Thanks for the way you honor our nation’s veterans USAA!!!  So many homeless, starving veterans have you to thank for their cold, empty stomachs this holiday season!!!


**For the privacy of our employee, this post has been modified. 


@Steve40, I'm sorry to learn that you experienced issues with a stop payment which resulted in non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees. We certainly do not want you to get evicted from your apartment or go hungry during the holidays. I see that you have posted several times regarding this issue, and your concerns were previously elevated. I will share this post with the team that has been assigned to review your concerns. ~DC 

I've already spoken with the "team," they're not working to resolve my issue, they've been working to make excuses and lie to me so that USAA doesn't have to admit their mistake and make it right.  Luckily, I have all of the documentation I need to prove USAA's fraud, I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and I am working on a complaint to file with the court.  I am simply on here letting everyone I can know to NEVER, EVER trust USAA.  I have been a loyal USAA member for 15 years, and they used to be a great bank.  This is the second time, however, that USAA has stolen from me, lied about it, and made me go hungry.  I will continue to tell everyone I can about the fraudulent and deceptive behavior that USAA engages in on a daily basis.

Can you close the account and open one some place else? I have used a Walmart debit card for a while for online purchases. Maybe something like that would work for you temporarily. They have them around by the registers. Just stay away from any american express because not everyone takes it. Mine is a visa debit card that I load money on at walmart and its available right away. Its around $3.00 to load it or if you set it up for direct deposit thats even better. And if someone wants to give you money have them go to Walmart and wire it to a Walmart near you. You just go show your I.D. and get the money at customer service. I have done that a few times and it works great. Yes it cost a little to the sender but not much at all. Sorry to hear you are going through this. I will pray that your situation changes for the better real soon.

Great lies. I thought that 75$ was withdrawn only from my account. I called USAA twice. First time I was told that charge was for safe deposit. I confronted them that I have paid already. They told they would resolve. The second time I was told that ATM Teller withdrawal cannot be disputed and reimbursed.
So you don't want me to go hungry and you're elevating my concern, but I still haven't heard from anyone a week later???? Let me guess, USAA employees have been too busy eating their own Thanksgiving dinners and watching football to "honor veterans for their service" to be concerned with the veterans who were STARVING ON THANKSGIVING BECAUSE OF WHAT USAA DID TO THEM. Stay classy, USAA! Oh, and don't bother with that BS about how concerned you are and you're escalating my concerns right away, you've proven that false already.

That is awful.  I'm really sorry to hear about that—truly FUBAR.  This customer service is UNSAT for veterans.


While my issues are not at all comparable in severity to yours, I've been experiencing various problems over the past few years.  The system, the staff and the time to resolve issues have all gotten worse.  This is a perfect example of poor/inadequate leadership. 


This morning USAA sent me a text indicting my "insurance payment is past due...cancellation notices have resumed in some locations."  I use my USAA CC to pay for my monthly auto/rental insurance.  My CC is current, valid and has plenty of available credit to cover the expense.  I called and went through the automatic system (cumbersome at best) to finally get an insurance billing person on the phone.  While that was going on, I logged into the website and saw that my account setup reflected my auto payments as being paid by an "unknown account." I immediately set up payments to again go against my CC--but those would not be effective until next month's payment.


After getting a live body, the person indicated my bank (USAA CC) had declined payment for an unknown reason, but that he could pay the bill today for me.  I did this and was then transferred to the USAA CC POC to figure out what happened. They informed me that while they saw today's payment, they had no record of a declined CC charge from a few days ago.  I explained that the payment side POC indicated it had been declined and she put me on hold.  After another hold, she indicated she needed to talk to the billing folks to find out what happened.  After another hold, she transferred me back to the billing side to resolve. 


This POC on the billing side promised to get me squared away.  She confirmed I wanted to pay with my USAA CC monthly and decided to redo all on her end to ensure it was correct for the future to avoid any more problems.  After another wait, she got an error message on her end and has to redo all again; she promised to contact me today with a status and answers as to why this happened.  I just got a VM indicating the payment for next month is squared away but that she would need to get back to me on the reasons for the problem.


This is one of at least a dozen incidents over the past few years where USAA has caused me issues—none of which, thankfully, put me on the street.  USAA needs to spend less on marketing and salaries to senior leadership until and unless they fix their internal processes, systems and staff challenges.  The brand is getting destroyed in front of our eyes--and thousands who took the oath get spat on by inept leadership each time another customer is hurt. 


USAA, while I applaud your efforts to fix a substandard GUI and systems, the execution is literally making your customers homeless.  This reflects poorly on your staff, system and leadership. 


Please revamp your process to better integrate the various services, then design the technology to support that.  You then need to train your PMs on requirements and SW testing BEFORE deployment.  Finally, you need to change the culture there—buttressed by training of ALL staff—to elevate your customers' needs above all others.  We all took an oath that should be respected.  The least you can do is provide consistently reliable customer service.


UPDATE: The payment that they failed to stop last month was taken out AGAIN this month. First, they finally contacted me to repeat the lie I was told earlier, then they contacted the Better Business Bureau and said they had contacted me and the issue had been resolved. In the meantime they failed to stop the same payment AGAIN, making me broke two weeks before Christmas. Nice job USAA, I guess making me starve on Thanksgiving wasn't enough, now I get to starve on Christmas too! Thanks to USAA, I had better holidays when I was deployed!!

@Steve40, This is concerning to read and certainly not the experience we want for our members. I have located your information and forwarded your concerns for further review. We appreciate your membership and the opportunity to address your concerns. Tricia

You know how I know you're lying, Tricia? Because nobody has contacted me, no one has addressed my issue and not one person at USAA has been at all concerned that I've spent the last two months starving because of what they did to me. If you're going to keep working at USAA you're going to need to get much better at lying to people, Tricia, you're obviously not very good at it yet. Just pay attention to all of the other lying pieces of garbage you work with, I'm sure you'll get better at it!!