Don't tell USAA you are BLACK! I'm closing my account and here is why you should to.

I can only tell you my experiance. I hope my story encourages you. I hope it gets you to tell organizations like this that racism is not okay. That we will not stand for it. That I will vote with my dollars and take my account to a non racist place. USSA has the privilege to serve one of the best community in the world. Somewhere along the way they have forgotten that. they have become like every other bank with institutional racism and downright Jim Crow Bull  ***** REMOVED BY USAA*****


Hello bigdogeats, this is not the way we ever want any of members to feel and your concerns are going to be further reviewed by a specialist. They will reach out as soon as possible. Thank you. -Marisa

Highly unlikely.  


Pathetic how some make wild, unsubstantiated accusations.

it's real. Just be grateful if you don't experience it.


If the member who posted his/her comments used correct grammar, a spell checking tool and refrained from the use of profanity in describing their experiences, their message would be better received.  

And if only we ALL could and would refrain from judging others based on grammatical, structural formation and useage of certain words of the English language... which might I add, has been very “Americanized” so much so that proper English is really a subjective concept.  Grammar has absolutely nothing to do with opinion and emotions.  *Stepping off of soap box, now**

The original comment does not provide any substance or insight into the racism that apparently took place.  That would also allow the comment to be better received (and understood).  But all of you who liked this comment - you want grammar to be irrelevant?  You want the use of bad language to be irrelevant?  And then you want everyone to avoid making judgments on the language that you use and how you express yourself?  But you DO want jugments to be made on the substance (which happens to not even be provided) such as:  "how terrible!" or "how unfair"?  These ARE JUDGMENTS.  So these kinds of judgments are OK and somehow these are supposed to shine though without any refraction from the way the English language is actually employed?   Are you really suggesting that we bifurcate our judgments into such tiny impossible pieces and require that something expressed poorly be judged the same way as something expressed excellently?  Shall we all just use curse words and fill our communications with grammatical errors and then demand no one judge us on that?   Does anyone have any common sense anymore?   Are our individual freedoms being so squashed now in our society that we have to move to lauding curse words and bad grammar to feel like we are unique indiviuduals?    Bizzare.  

DutchMC everyone expresses themselves differently. It’s not nice to judge...if you have a problem with how someone express themselves close your eyes and move on to the next post....this is not a grammar forum, try to put yourself in that person shoe. Whenever someone is upset do you think they care about grammar, then again you prolly never had a bad experience with USAA so how could I expect you to understand.

Dear Kam19.  Having positive or negative experiences with USAA is not the point.  The reality, if a person cannot adequately and reasonably express their point of view in a public forum without the use of profanity and utilizing proper use of the English language, it is a poor reflection on communications skills and diminishes their intended message.  Being able to effectively communicate will always garner more readers and promote greater interest to the issue when it appears the writer is an effective communicator.