Is there some way to prevent "uncategorized" transactions from showing up in the MY BUDGET tool? I rely heavily on that "category" to get around all of the problems with not being able to properly split or categorize transfers the way I would like. However, I have a gigantic total of "uncategorized" transactions as a result, which I can't seem to choose to exclude from MY BUDGET.


Skaliwag, Hey there!  To best assist you with this, we recommend to contact our support team at 800-531-8722 and say support in the menu when prompted. They can help guide you on this matter. Hope this helps. Jen.

Saying "support" after calling in got me nowhere.

Hi Skaliwag - Please try calling the technical team at 1-877-632-3002 for assistance. When you're prompted, please say “technical support” to speak with a representative. - Cathleen

Unfortunately I chose a title which is meaningful to me ("uncategorized") to dump all my dummy transactions, but is confusing the technical support person. They are actual transactions, money moving around in a way that I control, etc. However, I simply want to exclude that entire category (doesn't matter what it's called) from the budget. It's looking like that is not an option.


I didn't get any "hits" when searching the forum, but I see now from a GOOGLE search that there are other posts asking for the same thing. The dead-end reply on those threads also appears to be that controlling whether a specific category (or transaction) appears in the budget is not something that can be turned off. If it's a transaction, it will get included, period. And that's where this phone call is heading, too.