DO NOT get a credit card with USAA! The interest rate is ridiculous and I honestly believe I will be paying on this stupid card when my grandkids have kids! (Both my babies are only 4 and 9 years old). Funny they want their money but make it impossible for you to get out of their debt. Just paid 300 to them and after their interest hit me I ended up with only 28 bucks from it! I'm so p'd off I can't even see straight. Can't wait til this ish is paid. I'm going to light this card on fire bc even looking at it now makes my blood pressure go up. Way to look out for your military families, USAA. Maybe you should go for the rich instead of the military.


I dont have much experiance with USAA unsecured credit card, i do have a secured credit card and I try my hardest to pay it off every month. When having a credit card its good to pay it off every month because in doing so you wont have any intrest. Just what I read, hope the best for you and god bless.

I been paying on it. Never late. Just break up the payments in half every pay check. When we moved from Germany I had to use it and unfortunately it just got out of control since then. I use tax time to put a big chunk down on it as well. Praying to be able to be out from under USAAs debt sooner than later. Thank you :)