Does anyone know what happens if USAA secured credit card is not paid in full after 2 years?

Hi everyone. I was hoping to get an answer today, but didn't realize USAA was closed on weekends (or at least, didn't remember). I was wondering what happens to your USAA secured card if it's not paid in full after 2 years - are there any repercussions to this?


This is just a guess, but I would imagine they wloyld eventually take the owed money out of the CD. However, since it's still a credit card, there would probably still be a credit report hit.

Hello icilez,


I saw this post and felt I might be able to provide an answer for you. At the end of the 2 years that the card is opened the card and the CD will renew for another 2 years, and the balances in both will roll over untill either you or USAA closes the account. There is no penelty for not paying the card in full, however , finance charges will be billed your account as teh statement balance was not payed by the due date. 


If you wish to get the funds from the CD you would have to close the credit card and CD, the balance of the CD would then pay the credit card balance and then can be dispersed into either a USAA deposits account and or a check can be cut  and mailed to you. 


If you have any further questions about how the secured card works with USAA, i would encourage you to call one of the credit card servicing reps during the regular business hours or ask them here.


I sincerely hope that this helped.


Jesse Fender

Sorry we were unable to help you this weekend icilez. You can call us

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We look forward to helping you answer your questions about secured credit card payments (Jesse, thank you for the helpful information you provided!)

Yes, thank you all for your help/advice :)