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It just gets better.......Outside Counsel for USAA called me this afternoon. The intent of his call was to let me know he was told I called certain executives and he was calling to inform me what I needed to do to get access to the Trust fund and IRA I set up at USAA.


He came off like " Now you will listen to me" as if I were to be afraid of the fact he was a lawyer caling on behalf of USAA. When I pressed him on information like " Who set up the account" ? The lawyers reply "I don't have the information."   Next question " Who has power of attorney on account?"  Attorney for USAA " I don't have that information."   "Are you General Counsel for USAA?"   Attorney; "No, I am outside counsel calling from San Francisco!"


Can you believe USAA would spend member premiums and investment management fees on clowns like this?  Can you imagine a clown as he was, calling you to dictate  what you need to do to get access to accounts you set up for your handicapped brother and I have had access since I set-up the accounts and transfered the money in!


Folks, I think if we pull together as a large membership group we can change management and get things back to a gold star standard. The current CEO is a numbers guy and not a visionary. The former CEO (Robles) started the demise. Let's work to shake up the organization and get leadership in that understands the level of service we had and want back.  This now is becoming a tragic comedy!