I am going through a divorce and currently live in a hotel. (My debt to income ratio is too high). We have close to $195k in marital debt. He is willing to take on this debt if I refuse my military retirement (17.5%). Is it worth it? I would still have $14k in debt.


NO. Loosing 18% of your retirement is a huge chunk of change. You have other options.

The most important thing right now is to ensure you complete the divorce as quickly as possible with the legal system. That will give you your acquired debt total that the court has determined YOU need to satify.

In the mean time, talk with your Financial advisor.....hopefully not usaa.... and inform him/her that you may need to do some restructuring to settle the debt once you have the courts decision.

Of course, but hopefully not, bankruptcy is also an option.....but again, your financial advisor will guide you throughout the process.

Ensure you provide the court with every bill possible even your gas, department store, etc. bill. Last thing you want is to forget a bill after the decision and have it be your sole responsibility.

Lastly, you've worked LONG and HARD for your retirement. Don't even think about loosing any part of it!

Hope it helps. ;-)
p.s. Get out of the hotel....ask a friend or relative if you can stay a while....its not about Pride, it's about finances right now.
That is a touch question... because i.dont know your education or husbands rank on retirement. .. some factors for you to.conider is that you will.be getting 50 percent of his retirement... i would say if he is a retiring officer... No! If he is E-6 or below yes... also take into.concideration its for.the rest of your life... i dont know how old you are. Hope that helps .. but just not enough info given... id talk to someone in a financial setting to give you better advice.