The email I received regarding our auto insurance dividend this year must have gotten accidentally deleted because I cannot find it anywhere. When are we to be expecting them this year? I thought it was around the beginning of December. I tried searching for some kind of an idea but haven't found anything. Thanks.


According to the email, and the website, dividends (if authorized) are distributed in mid-December typically. I checked my email records and last year I received my dividend on 12/12, and the year prior, the dividend was distributed to me on 12/7. They always send me an email, which includes the amount I am receiving. Hope that helps! 

That does. Thank you.
I have been wondering the same thing. Thanks

I went back and checked my emails and actually received a "Verify USAA Distribution Preference by Nov 17" email on Oct 24. It also states: One of the unique benefits of USAA is the potential to receive an Auto Dividend, which, if approved by the Board of Directors, is typically distributed in mid-December.

Does anyone know why the company does not use a specific date each year for the civicend distribution rahter than keep members guessing?

Thank you for your questions. I am sending this to customer service to try to get us all an answer. Unfortunately, I don't have the answer.

It would be nice to know when or if it will be given out.  I know in the past I have gotten the email after the deposit.  As of today I don't have a deposit or an email. 


Thanks for checking into for us.

Thought I was the only one needing to know this answer.  I called today, and they were having their meeting, and was told to call back this afternoon, but got busy and forgot.  I did send an email this evening, so maybe will hear back from them in the morning.  The answer will get posted to this page asap.  It would be nice if we new this without wondering yearly.  It comes at a nice time for sure, but really shouldn't be kept a secret like it is.  Don't know about a lot of you all, but we have been members since 1972.  So its not like they are doing us a favor.

I actually received my dividend this morning. And was happily surprised to see it was more than years past.