How disappointing that it is now the 17th of December and nothing in my account. Guess the higher ups need it more than we do.


I havent gotten mine either, 34 years a member and this has never happened this late in December. I use my dividend to buy christmas presents. I am very very disappointed in USAA! Customer service is usually very good but they arent telling me anything like has mine been disbursed yet???

Hello @robbie59, we truly appreciate your longtime membership with USAA and certainly understand your concerns about 2021's distribution.  Disbursements are still processing all the way through the week of 12/20/21.  Please continue to monitor to review your distribution history as well as your preferred account.  ~Marco

I've been a member for 49 years and every year it's like pulling teeth to get any info from USAA.  Why can't we see how much is coming in order to make plans?

@wtknstm, thank you for your longtime membership with USAA and allowing us to serve your insurance needs.  We certainly get your concerns about information being relayed to you, please continue to monitor to review your Distribution History as disbursements are still processing through the week of 12/20/2021. ~Marco

So mine distribution says, 12/12/21, and to my checking as it should. I have yet to get an email or recieve funds in my account.

Hi, @wisky64. Thank you for your membership. Do you have your deposit account through USAA or another carrier? ~ Steven

My account is USAA.

Thank you, @wisky64. I've received word that it may be up until 12/20 before all members receive their distributions. Rest assured, it's on its way. I apologize for any inconvenience. ~ Steven

We have the same situation, it shows distributed on December 12th however,  nothing ihas been deposited in our checking account. Very disappointing. USAA has never done this before.