I was curious when the auto dividend checks would be mailed. I usually get mine by now.


Lol....couldn't even use my name cause it was already taken? No surprise. Anyhow I will was going thru my banking and discovered they had auto deposited the dividend a few days ago. I would say keep a look out to your account

My check hit the bank this morning Hooah!

What do you have to do to get these?

What is an auto dividend check?  I've heard of other USAA dividends, but not for auto . . .


Please see the link in the comments above yours for a description and information about dividends. 

Hello, I was wondering when the dividends will be deposited this year? Thank you for your help.

The Carons,

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Please keep in mind that if you are behind a payment, the dividend will reflect as a payment on your auto insurance premium. You might want to check there.

Mine was deposited already. Jamie, check your bank account. On a strange related note, the payment was categorized as a groceries.