I was curious when the auto dividend checks would be mailed. I usually get mine by now.


Lol....couldn't even use my name cause it was already taken? No surprise. Anyhow I will was going thru my banking and discovered they had auto deposited the dividend a few days ago. I would say keep a look out to your account
What do you have to do to get these?
Mine was deposited already. Jamie, check your bank account. On a strange related note, the payment was categorized as a groceries.

They were distributed last week. However, because they are account specific we recommend that you call a service representative by using the CONTACT US information on usaa.com.


To answer the dividiend question, please see this informative link:



Based on the information provided in the FAQ section on dividends, am I understanding correctly that if you are a GIC or CIC policy holder that you will not be receiving a dividend?

Thank you for your question/comment. Unfortunately, this is not something that I am able to handle here in our Community. Please give our member services representatives a call at 1-800-531-8722, or via the contact us link on usaa.com.

What is an auto dividend check?  I've heard of other USAA dividends, but not for auto . . .


Please see the link in the comments above yours for a description and information about dividends. 

Hello, I was wondering when the dividends will be deposited this year? Thank you for your help.