Usually I tell everyone how great usaa is but at this point I'm ready to take my accounts and insurance somewhere else, I just deposited my tax check and low and behold they are holding it until the 30th!! Really?! I've been with Usaa for several years and never had a hold placed, very irritating, there is no ATM OR UPS store for us to deposit anything where we live, looks like we will be searching for new banking and insurance elsewhere.




I feel your pain.  I haven't deposited a check in USAA in a while, when we have one of a significant amount, we now deposit in our local credit union.  Normally doing it in person will shorten the hold time.


All banks and credit unions are being more aggressive on holding checks to fight the increase prevalence of check fraud.  It can takes several days for a check to clear, or weeks before they find out if it bad.  If they release the funds early, then they are assuming some risk, and worst they will hold you responsible even if you spent the money already.

have you tried the mobile app?  i deposit checks that way and get instant access to the money.  

I feel you. I thought they were supposed "to be there fir veteran's". Wafted about three hours of my time dealing with insurance side of the house. They're a joke and no better than anyone else. I wish they would disassociate themselves with veteran's considering they have no intentions of ever helping our caring about them

Dear Korkie,

I am so sorry to hear about your disappointing experience with our insurance department. We would like further details about what when wrong and what we can do to improve. We would greatly appreciate if you could send additional feedback and details to us here. Thank you.

Dear tnkg1rl,

I apologize for the long hold time you are experiencing. I would like to get a banking specialist in touch to review what is going on. If you could please send us a message here with the best way to contact you, we will have someone in touch shortly. Thank you.

Personally some how my mobile deposit was removed so yeah i feel ya on there.