USAA has become different from the time I joined. It used to come through for me now for the last few years it hasn't. Am disappointed and frustrated.

I have applied for financial help but most of time i get declined and other established lenders will offer me more than i need. This includes credit limit increase. I love to use usaa credit card on travel abroad, i only have what i got on intial application. They said one of the reasons for denial is that I haven't established enough time and I have been a card member for 10 years now.
Mortgage refinancing was hard they asked the same documents over and over as I submitted it over and over eventually I got denied, I moved on with a different lender and got approved and saved big compared to what usaa had offered. Auto loan too, they offered me money that can never buy any car unless it's over 10 years old. Twice they have done this to me.when I contacted different lenders they offer more than I want to spend on a car. One time I didn't use their check for 20 days before it expired, a staff called me to ask why I haven't used it I told him I got better rates. He said next time before looking for a second option just call us we can make it work for you. So I wondered why not make it work for me in the first place.

My son is member too and one day he said "momUSAA doesn't like me" he used the exact word.
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@blesstheLord, we are saddened to read the post and will ensure the appropriate area reviews this.  We appreciate you letting us know.  ~JM