Jenni P
Of all my years with USAA, I’ve never experienced the level of incompetent and insufficient service as of that I have recently endured. And I use the word endured because I have had 3 disputes open since February of this year, one of which just got awarded in my favor after several submissions and errors on the USAA team’s side. The other 2 never got resubmitted causing them to now be “outside of the dispute window” and follow along the same lines of merchant discrepancy as the 1 recently awarded. I am so hot with them because they have cost me close to $300 incorrectly filing or neglecting to file at all, my 2 disputes. Not only did the merchant get away with falsified sales but now have my money and the products I returned. And no one at USAA has any answers for me. Totally unacceptable.


@Jenni, we appreciate you taking the opportunity to share your experience. Certainly this is not what we want for our members. Your information and concerns have been shared with the appropriate area for review and follow-up. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

If you all at USAA were doing your jobs, and had qualified customer service representatives, and had competent management who’s only focus was to provide quality service to the member / “owners” of this company, then every single issue would be resolved to the member’s satisfaction with the first phone call to the first customer service rep, as it was under General McDermott. Unfortunately Lyles came in and turned USAA into one big social agenda program.

General Robert F. McDermott (USAA CEO: 1969-1993):

“The mission and corporate culture of this company are, in one word, service. As a company objective, service comes ahead of either profits or growth. I don’t want to expand those bylaws. I don’t want to take on the world. I want us to serve a niche and serve all its personal financial needs as best we can. Our members started this company and own it, so this company exists to serve their needs.”

Harvard Business Review
Title: Service Comes First
Thomas Teal