I called yesterday and filed a dispute on my debit card. A company had claimed i owed a credit collection and i made payments, only to find out this company is a scam and i owe no such debt. I filed a dispute and was told i would be reunded the amount taken, which is approximatley 685.00, when will I see this credited back to my account?



If I understand your story correctly, if you made the payment to that scam collection company using your debit card you may want to put an immediate lock on that debit card and request a new debit card because that scam company may continue to make additional charges to your debit card account.

And if you have overdraft protection activated on your checking account and have it linked to your credit card then you may want to immediately stop that overdraft protection feature as well so they don’t empty out your checking account and then max out your credit card. Just a thought to consider.

Good Luck in dealing with USAA on this. Do a search on debit card fraud and read the 285 results.

Stand United

I had my card closed and replaced. Thank you.

Your welcome. You can go on line and do a Google search on what to do if you are the victim of fraud or scams and there are many good tips. Good luck with your recovery, keep us updated.

Stand United

I found a lot, this company Apex billing services is listed as a creditor scam. They are not BBB approved, i am glad i know now and am hoping USAA can refund me the charges.

One last thing, when that scam company called you, if they had your name or any other personal info on you then this may also be a case of identity theft, in addition to the scam.

Go to “IdentityTheft.gov” and follow the steps to further protect yourself and work a recovery plan with them. You can also activate a fraud alert with the credit rating agencies.

Always use your credit card for large payments. You have a much better chance of recovering your money with a credit card than a debit card.

Never activate overdraft protection on your checking account. If someone gets that account info they can empty your checking account and then empty your credit card when the overdraft protection kicks in. Again, let us know how it turns out. Good Luck.

@ABNbear Sorry to hear that happened! The dispute team will have to investigate these charges and any appropriate credit or provisional credit will be placed on the account if warranted. There isn't a specific time frame, but we will handle it as quickly as possible! Thank you ~Tom

Thank you, provisional credit would be great as it was a total loss of 685.65, and as someone with children that is a lot of money.

@ANBbear - Beware of the provisional credits as it is "easy come, easy go".  As Stand United mentioned, you may want to read about the numerous members who have had difficulty with the handling of their fraudulent cases.   I am working on my own today and was escalated to the Executive Group.  My case involves a credit card and is clearly fraud and USAA did catch it right away as the charge originated out of Colombia.  However, the process to get a new card is a bit clumsy and  wasn't certainly  clear to this member at first.     There is a point in time when the "temporary" hold is removed from the affected card and the charge is put into a "fraud" mode.   At this point in time, your card does become "active" again until the representative moves to the next step of canceling the card and sending you a new one.  So if that rep forgets or there is a time lag, then this "fraudulent" card is an active card that could possibly be accruing more charges.   At least that was what my final take away was and it seems to coincide with some of the experiences that other members have mentioned.

mine was wih my debit card and yes there were additional charges, which usaa caught and i got my new card releatively fast. I just don't understand why it take so long to get a resolution, its simply this company took money i never owed them without my authorization