Called USAA Credit Card services to confront why I am being double charged for a cash advancement.  I acknowledge that I did have a cash advancement and am aware that an interest charge would apply.  However, I paid...or thought, I paid that interest off when I paid my statement.  Checked again, low and behold I see an escalated interest charge applied.  When I advised the representative, she first stated that this "should" be cleared upon the payment of this statement.


In response, "should" is not "will." I promptly advised her that I am livid no matter the charge and will discontinue ALL services with USAA if this is not remedied.  I will not be subject to banking nickel and diming schemes.  She placed me on hold to speak with a supervisor.  Upon return, she stated that it "will" be removed once I pay this statement.


I replied that I wanted this is writing.  After a substantial hold, she informed me to look at the Terms and Conditions.  Great way to dodge the answer USAA.  Now, how about actually stepping up to plate and standing behind the what is spoken.  Assure the customer, that you will work WITH me on my financial.


Please note, it took a second call to correct this.  I spoke with another representative, after initially requesting to speak with a supervisor, and he was far more knowledgeable and helpful.  He spoke of a law that was passed in 2011.  He explained a few criterias and afterwads explained that I paid the original interest and refunded the second interest charge.  He did not that there is a daily charge and thus why it continues to grow, which I knew about, however he stated that I paid the initial interest and there was no need to pay the second.


Advise to USAA Credit Card services, time to train and continually train your representatives.  Perhaps reinstill in their minds that they should be thinking of the members more.


Advise to other USAA members, call and call again until you get the right answer.  Do not be afraid to escalate either.


Dear WB1,


Thank you for your membership and for posting here in the community. I regret the inconvenience this caused you, but am happy to hear that your problem did get resolved and you were provided with an accurate answer.


If you have any additonal questions, comments or concerns- please let us know and we will be able to help. Thank you.

I'm amazed at the people who don't understand second-grade math and then blame USAA representatives about it.

What you are complaining about is called "trailing interest" and it is a very basic concept. The statement you paid could not have contained the interest from the statement date until the date you actually paid.

I'd suggest you go back to primary school.