Disappointment in Investment Services, and more

When an organization doesn't/can't even promptly post interest income on the month-end-day to investment money market accounts, I wonder what else is amiss and have to question its viability. I'm a 50+ member/cheerleader now thinking of bailing on this outfit.


Be careful for what you wish.  USAA will have to hire yet another "Account Advisor" to handle such an overwhelming task. 


Now ask yourself why you're paying USAA/Victory Capital expense ratios that are upwards of 10 times that of other, "real" investment companies, e.g. Vanguard, Fidelity.


This ain't the good old days.......


Steel* - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason