I understand that some members received their deposit today and some didn't for whatever reason. I'm probably one of the members that really needed it the most today but didn't receive it. Thanks for the guarantee of that early deposit and not delivering.


Thanks for taking the time to post to the Community, NooMoney. Please know that we post direct deposits the same day we receive the deposit information. This means you'll see the deposit the same time we will, and I can't guarantee if the deposit will be received early for posting. We strive to provide funds one day prior to the actual military pay day, which is dependent on funds being received from the Coast Guard. Once the employer releases funds, they are cleared by the Treasury Department and then sent to the financial institution to make the funds available. At this time, we have not received the notification of direct deposit. Our team will stay close to this situation and will continue to keep you updated as more information is available. - Cathleen

Thank you for making sense of this for me.