I have a USAA credit card and I made a payment on 9 April but my available credit hasn't been updated yet. My balance has been lowered however. I have other cards and as soon when they get my automatic payment its adjusted right away. What is the deal with you people. It's now 14 April at 1230am and still my. Available has not been updated.


Is it possible you have some pending transactions or holds?

I have the same problem with the USAA credit card. My payment still have posted after 10 days.



How are you making your payment.  I would give them call or send them a message to find out if they have received your payment.

If you mailed your payment it will take longer for the payment to arrive, USAA processes credit card payments on the day that they are recieved. Might I suggect that if you have access to usaa.com that you use the WebBILLPAY. It's is fairly simple and straight forward.  You can review the payment information to make sure that the payment has been processed, pending or completed. I use it to pay my USAA accounts and its been awesome... 

From USAA.com, Log in.

  1. Click on the "My Account Tools"
  2. Then in the window that drops down click on "Pay Bills"  (In the top left hand corner)
  3. scroll down untill you see your credit card account, you will see infromation like the due date, minimum payment due, and statment balance, there is also a box to enter a seperate amount. 
  4. Select the payment account you want to use, or add one if you dont have one on file already.
  5. Select the date that you would like the payment to be effective (same day as long as processed before 5PM CT)
  6. Click next, and confirm that the info is correct.
  7. Click submit to submit your payment request. 
  8. You can then review to ensure that the payment is pending. by clicking on the "View Payment History" on the right hand side of the Web BillPay window.

I hope this helps...


Jesse Fender



Dera Mike1957,


I am sorry to hear about teh available credit on your credit card was not updated to your satisfaction. 

Some possible reasons for this:


As per the credit card agreement USAA may have placed a temporary hold on the availability of the funds on the card. This is done to ensure that the credit card payment clears in full as some payments require further verification (hold on electonically payed accounts tend to be held for up to 7 calendar days from when the hold was initialized, and are generally available for use on the 8th calendar day, But this may be held longer depending on how the payment was submitted.) To confirm this and when the funds would become ready for use you might call USAA credit card servicing and see when the funds will be available.


The second is the one that DSTexas mentioned, that there may be authorizations that have been processed and or not yet released or aged off the account. Pending authorizations only effect the available credit and may stay on the account for up to 15 days(although they generally fall off after 7 days)


Either way - I am sorry that you were caught off guard.


Jesse Fender