The only services that I still have with USAA are investments.  USAA has literally screwed up everything else, and I've switched to other (better) companies.


Last week I tried to do a simple transaction with USAA - I called and was given simple instructions for which form to use and how to submit it, which I followed.  Then I got a call from "xxxxx" who started making up rules about which investments could be sent to what accounts, and how I needed to open new accounts with USAA and only invest in USAA mutual funds or I would be hit with extra taxes.


Thank goodness I know a little about investing, and knew that everything she said was false.  I spoke to other people in USAA brokerage, and they confirmed that she was 100% wrong, and I got them to complete the transaction correctly.


Now the problem - USAA just doesn't care that one of their employees deliberately told me stuff that was false and misleading (which constitutes securities fraud).  Once again they put me on hold for 35+ minutes so that I could talk to some teenager working in the call center called "CEO Customer Service".  I didn't get the name, but she was rude, impatient, condescending, and nasty - and frankly seemed to dare me to take my business elsewhere.


WHY USAA?  Why don't you care even a little bit about a customer for 24 years who is down to his last service with USAA?  It's like you want to chase away business.


All it would have taken was a person who looked into the matter, found out what happened, and apologised.  Now you're going to lose a very large group of investment accounts so that I can go somewhere with employees who care, and something more than just a call center.


Dear member,


I am sorry to hear of your recent experience with us. I have passed this along to the proper team member who will be able to look further into this for you. You will be contacted directly, thank you.