When I got my first USAA Credit Card, I was excited that I got to pick the design... Today I received a "new" unrequested chip technology credit card. While I appreciate the new technology, I didn't request it. Would it have been too hard to send me the same design that I had originally ordered on this new card?!?


I hope that my chip card shows up with my original chosen design on it!

I guess they don't have individual designs on the new chip card because mine came the same way.  I have two cards and I purposely put two different designs on each so I could tell them apart at a glance.  Now they look the same and I need to put a sticker on them to know which is the higher interest rate card.

Dear Jayk.Adams,

I am sorry your new card does not have the design you initially chose. You can call and request the design of your choice at 1800-531-8722. We are working to make this a smoother process. Thank you!!

Dear Jayk.Adams, and others,


USAA like all other banks and credit cards are switching over to the "new" chip technology, USAA has the goal of completing this task as soon as possible due to bew regulations on how fraud charges are handled. USAA also realises that the chip cards are vastly more secure than the "mag-stripe" cards. However, at this time all the credit cards that USAA has been issuing have set designs, I have the MasterCard, its an all black card with the USAA logo on teh front, I believe that the American expresses and Visa chip cards with USAA are blue(I don't have one so I can not be certain about the specific, just what I have been told by other members), simular to the Debit cards. As of todays date the design can not be changed. 


Jesse Fender