USAA claims that nothing has changed with the direct deposit process, but the last 5 pay checks of mine and my wifes' have been deposited a day after payroll sent checks to bank, and held until actual payday. Not a problem if I had not set up my automatic bills for the day prior, which had been set now for at least 9 years or so, with no problem.. so the last 5 checks posted a day after usual post date, and the customer service rep (several) gave the same answer.. we don't show a deposit..great answer for someone holding all the cards to charge me overdraft fees for any unpaid bills that try to post.. No explanation, and no attempt to locate the problem. Didn't want to see the truth about USAA after all the post seen in the recent visits to the site, but now a believer..USAAs' Promoted advantages are slowly fading along with customer service.

And No.. still no deposit.for the 31st from USAA, But Navy Federal shows


Dear DLA,

Thank you for taking the time to comment. I have sent your comment over to a banking specialist who will take a second look into your hold situation and be in touch. Thank you .


A banking specialist attempted to call, but was unable to leave a voicemail. An email was sent with the specialist's contact information, please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss this matter further. Thank you