My company usually pays on the 30th but I always receive it early. Just curious if that will be the case today. It has not hit my account yet, is that because of the holiday?


I was wondering the same thing. Mine hasn't hit yet either.

Glad I'm not the only one.

in the same boat here too ... normally posts by now. Here's hoping its the holiday backing things up and not having to wait the weekend. 

Still waiting myself...

I just wish there was some communication. I've got to head out to work soon and I hate the thought of leaving my wife with no money for the weekend.

USAA rep said that bc of holiday it may be later than usual... someone else said (that spoke to USAA also)  that if its not reiceved by 8am it's a no go until Monday. Great 

I wonder if that's 8am PST or EST.

I even tweeted usaa reply
They told me no ETA but issue on their end and should post today.