I've been a member for a year now and still can't use the deposit @ mobile feature. I'm told it'd because of my "time as a member". Well, how long exactly should I have to wait? I thankfully do business with another bank that's nearby, but when I have to actually put cash into this account, it's painful. There are no branches withing a 1000 miles of my house, deposits through alternative ATMs mean my money is on hold for 7 days, no UPS stores are convenient, and if I need to transfer funds from my other bank, well, that's a 3-5 day hold too. I should have the convenience, like everyone else, to write myself a check from the other bank and snap a picture but that's not an option.
America's Least Convenient Bank.


I agree..... I have set up direct transfer from an outside account to make it easier. At first it was 3 days as I understood due to verification process etc.
After that 24 to 48 hours which was acceptable.
the current transfer is taking a week. .... not because funds aren't available because the transferring account has within 2 banking days cleared the money to USAA. I called USAA Tuesday morning and was told it was on hold till Friday. When I asked why since the other bank had cleared the funds to USAA I was told because that's the way it is. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no one available.
Not what I call customer service....
A LOT of banking customers are complaining about the banking deposit hold times. If some of the stories here are to be taken at face value it seems a lot of deposits are being held for no good reason. USAA's answer has been that the conditions are set forth in the deposit agreement. That's not an answer. That is the problem for a lot of the holds that logically, albeit contractually, should not be held. My wife and I circumvent the hold problem by keeping entirely too much money in the checking account, but to force depositors to give the bank free use of more money is...sneaky and sends the customers shopping on the 'net for a better deal.
robdhubb you nailed it right on the head. Free use of more money.