Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I'm glad to hear it worked great for you. I love it myself, as it can not get any easier than that. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for being a valued USAA member!

Same here. I downsized my home and sold a large dollar value of furniture and other goods on Craigslist. I was awash in cash and scared of losing it or having it stolen. Fortunately, I was able to buy money orders and deposit them using the mobile app.

Cash transactions really are the last barrier to online banking. Hopefully something like PayPal or square will eventually replace cash in private transactions.
Took the advice to manually take the picture and after multiple tries it finally took it! Very glad I read this thread otherwise I would have thought it wasn't possible!

SarahL, Thank you for sharing your experience with money orders and the Deposit @ Mobile service. Other USAA members will benefit from your comments, so we appreciate that you have shared this information. ~Darcy

So I just got off the phone with a representative and he stated yes you can deposit a money order using deposit@mobile or deposit@home.
I just tried it, worked flawlessly ... just as if depositing a standard check! Go USAA!

I was just able to deposit a money order via the app. Like many other responses, it took a couple tries, but nothing outside the norm for when i'm depositing checks. Super gald I could do it too instead of driving to the bank which is a ways away.

@aa, I'm glad to hear you were able to deposit your money order via Deposit@Mobile! Thanks for sharing your experience. -Cynthia

I just deposited a $200 money order with the deposit USAA app on my smartphone exactly as I normally would a personal check. Funds were available immediately! Huzzah!

Thank you to everyone who has responded to this thread! I live hundreds of miles from the nearest USAA ATM, and even farther from the nearest USAA branch. So I just took my Christmas cash to the Post Office and got a money order. I was able to deposit the money order easily on the USAA app! Thanks to all of you!