Is there a plan and timeline to restore convenient options fo depositing cash? I love USAA but this lapse is making me consider other banks.

What is the current best option for depositing cash? There are no ATMs in my area with the option.


Hi GreenFrogTx, thank you for your post. We are constantly reviewing and evaluating our deposit options to ensure our members have products and services that meet their needs. At this time, we have not been made aware of new deposit options or a timeframe that another option would be available. If you have cash and do not have a cash-accepting ATM nearby, an option would be to convert the cash to a money order and deposit the money order. Our remote deposit options (Deposit@Mobile and Deposit@Home) are set up to accept most money orders. Money orders can also be mailed for deposit. We regret the inconvenience this has caused for you, and appreciate the feedback. We definitely don't want to see you move to another bank. I will be sharing your comments with the appropriate area for further consideration. Thank you for reaching out. -Meredith