I have been a loyal customer for over 14 years and have been depositing my wife's work check for some time now. Now all the sudden they want to put a hold of greater than 75% for seven days. I don't know why all the sudden now they are doing that, but even the local banks only got a hold of three days. USAA needs to re-think there policy because young troops cannot afford to wait an additional week to pay bills!! FRUSTRATING


Dear Batter1Sg

I am sorry to hear about the hold on your account. If you send us an email here at socialmedia@usaa.com, we can have a representative review your accounts to see if anything can be done. Please include the details you provided above, your member number and the best way to contact you.


We look forward to hearning from you and thank you for your 14 years of membership.


*In the Depository Agreement (which can be found here, page 20 of 54) you can read into the details about the process for deposited funds.

Have you had some type of account issue recently?  If you have had late payments, returned checks or negative account balance, banks will be hesitant on releasing deposit funds until the funds are actually received.  

I have been having the same thing happen to me now that I am back state side.



If you give us a call and talk about your recent move back to the US and inquire about the holds on your account a member service representative should be able to help you! Please give us a call at 800-531-USAA.


Thank you for posting.

I am having the same problem and have called the bank only to be told they can't reverse the hold nor can they tell when it will happen again or why! That I will only know if a hold will be placed after depositing the check. Very frustrating when I have bills to pay that are now going to be late. Considering changing banks but now have to wait for funds to be released.

Dear Sleyda,

I can understand your frustration. If you send us a message here, we can get s specialist to take a look into your account to see what is going on. We look forward to hearing from you.


Just for general knowledge, the Funds Availability details (in the depository agreement) can be found on page 20 of this PDF document.


Thank you

After seeing your response to others that were having the same issues, I sent a message last night.....

Thank you for your help. Hoping to get a reply in the next couple days.

Dear Sleyda,

Please keep me updated, I want to make sure you get the assistance you need. Thanks again for posting.

File a complaint with BBB. I'm under the impression their representatives aren't qualified. I'm in a similar situation. I was told numerous of lies due to poor customer service/unqualified representatives. Now, I'm about to get dropped from my university and my car in the first steps of repossession. USAA clearly doesn't care for their consumers with these disclosures and agreements.