Is anyone else having trouble depositing checks with the mobile  app? I'm using an iphone 6+ and my app is up to date. I can add the front and back of my check, but when I hit the "deposit" button at the bottom right there is no response from the app. Help!


I have the iPhone 6 as well and have deposited checks w no issue. Have you selected the account you wanted? I noticed this wasn't automatically selected.

Yes, I'm having issues as well. I can take photos of the check, enter the payment amount, but it won't complete the deposit.  I too am up-to-date on everything.


USAA, any help here?

TaraMR - yes, I can enter both the amount and the account. It's only when I hit the 'deposit' button that it stalls. Hopefully USAA will help here.


I have sent this to the USAA app team to see if we can get some assistance. In the meantime, have you tried calling in to speak with a member services representative on this? They may be able to help walk through the entire transaction. You can reach one at 1-800-531-8722. I am having no issues on my end, but I am not updated to a 6 as of yet. I'm sorry you're having issues, I know that is very frustrating. 

I am having the exact same problem... I tried yesterday and it would not respond to the deposit button... Then I tried angling the camera better and retyping amount with edit feature and it worked... But today, it's the same problem again and nothing is working... Please help!!!!

I haven't been able to make a deposit for about 2 weeks. I get this message after tapping the deposit button:

"Error:Deposit@Moile is currently unavailable. Please try again later Reference Id: 1693-65512"  I have been trying every other day for at least 10 days now. No luck.


As I am aware there are no issues with the deposit @ mobile. Have you upgraded your phone recently? Are all updates to the app completed? If you are still having issues please call a member services rep at 1-800-531-8722 and they can walk you through to assist you in identifying the issue. 

Same issue here, but with Deposit@home.  Error is below:


  Deposit@Home is currently unavailable. Please try again later.
 Reference Id: 285101910



Please give our tech team a call at:


Technical Support:                                                                                                                    



Start an E-mail Conversation with USAA

Phone Number:

1-877-632-3002   for Technical Issues(Opens Pop-up Layer)

Hours of Operation:

6 a.m. to midnight CT, 7 days a week


Thank you.