I’m a 37 year military and Government employee, I made an allotment from my government 401 (TSP) to USAA savings and made the mistake of using my member I.D number instead of my account number. Come to find out my member ID is the same number of an Air Force ladies account number. USAA never matched the name, social or DOB on the transfer.
I notified USAA on what happened and it’s been almost 2 months of trying to get the money returned.
First your member ID should never ever be the same as another person’s account number, second my other information I.E , social, DOB, address should’ve been matched and was not.
USAA customer service is now farmed out for the most part, so far I’ve been on the phone for over 7.5 hours total, the TSP representatives have been very helpful and have been on most of the calls with me. A number of security steps were missed and USAA is attempting to ask for the money back. November 5th going on 75 days and USAA as still not taken action against the other member who excepted and withdrew money not belonging to them. The latest USAA representative Gus Garcia from the office of the CEO stated with 12 million member the numbers could be the same with a members ID being someone else’s account number? Really, we gave them the federal tracking number with all my information on it. USAA is still refusing to get my 1700.00 back, stating they’ve attempted to contact the other account holder ( female Air Force thieve ) and haven’t heard back from her, and will not put a hold on her account.
The customer service with USAA is the worst experience I’ve ever had.
I spoke with Bank of America and Navy Fed. And both said the same thing about the account and member ID numbers being the same for two different persons
I made an honest mistake and USAA could care less


@Scooter1146, we are sorry to hear of this experience and can totally understand the frustration. I am going to engage an account expert to review this further.