I am a veteran, a truck driver. Have on several occasions asked Usaa customer service if something could get something together with and for the many veterans working in the transportation industry every time I get paid by comcheck, I have to fight to either get it cashed or deposited into my account this is a instrument that has been around for decades and is as secure even more so than money orders or cashier checks. But Usaa does not have anything set up for us truck drivers to be able to deposit these checks into our account. Something needs to be done. I like USAA but if something doesn't change I'm going to have to open account with another institution, please look into it call comdata check into it this is way overdue. Please fix


Bill691, Thank you for your post.  I have done some research on COMCHECKS and am reaching out to our deposit verification department to see what might stop a comcheck from being able to be deposited. Please note that due to the type of check this is, it  would have to be mailed to us and we could not accept these via deposit@mobile.  This is because we would need the check blank that includes an authorization code. Please allow a few days for the research on this to be completed. Thank you ~Michelle