I know there is another conversation about this, but I want to be sure mine gets seen. I rarely do forums or make harsh comments in a public forum, but I have had enough change from USAA. I wrote a message to them through my Messages tool within my account. Funny, tho, I still had a message from February 2021 that was still in Active status...no one ever responded. So, now that I found the USAA community, I have something to say and I will paste in the message that I sent today:


This is not a technical support issue. And I want this message to get to the highest rank official within USAA. I am writing in reference to the discontinuation of the Deposit@Home service. I AM APPALLED AT THIS MOVE! I have been using this service since its inception. I always spoke with pride about this USAA service because you were the first, and as far as I know, still the only banking institute to have this online service. I DO NOT take to using my phone to do this kind of transaction with any company. I just can't believe that USAA is paring down so much of what they have been about for all these years, service to their MEMBERS. My local newspaper, Dallas Morning News, has a Watchdog (Dave Lieber) who has been writing about horror stories where insurance claims (roofs, auto) are being turned down because of a third party entity that runs your claims and makes horrific decisions not to honor the coverage; that USAA commercials are becoming a sham. Is this really how you want to be known? How you want to be seen when "serving" members, active military, vets, family? I am so disappointed in USAA these days. The changes you are, and have been making, are NOT GOOD FOR YOUR MEMBERS! Only good for whatever profit-seeking company is now running your business. Shame on you, USAA, for looking at the almighty dollar rather than for what is best for your members. All this time I have been doing your surveys, I thought I was talking to people who all these years have really cared for us. You end your letter on the upcoming change to the Deposit@Home notice with "USAA is committed to providing you with exceptional service." I don't use this language often, but I say bull. You are turning into just another bank that is only out for their own profit, no matter what it does to the inconvenience of those that have defended your country, taken abuse as soldiers, members "allowing us to serve you" (as you also say at the end of your letters). It's becoming so much hype and sadly there will be nothing we can do about it as so-called "members." Members are suppose to have some kind of power, but we are now becoming just people that choose to use one of many banks that spew hype about so-called "exceptional service." Shame, shame, shame on you. How can you sleep at night knowing that we don't really matter in the scheme of making a profit? The Watchdog quoted a few claim adjusters that were saddened by what they had to tell their customers about their claims, knowing that Allcat(sp?) who does the adjusting now was very much in the wrong. It's just now all bull. My apologies again for my language, but that is the harshness of what I feel about USAA these days. My father would be so disappointed to see what you have done to yourself. As I write this grievance, I do hear in my head "you don't know all the details; you can't make these statements without seeing your own proof." Yes, I realize that, but still, I am on the end of a failing institutional philosophy that USAA carried for so many years. The world we live in is changing what true caring and convenience really is. Younger people won't know the difference, and that is a big shame. No doubt that this will fall on deaf ears, ears that will follow the status quo.


Hello @luvYOURsite, I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 

I'll be waiting to hear from someone. Thanks

@ wrote:

I understand the seriousness of the situation. ~Sarah 

That's highly doubtful considering your scripted non-response..



Sorry USAA but that reply is essentially telling everyone reading this that you are being polite in order to publically be nice while you will tell the member that this option is gone for good and you will not do anything to actually support your members.


This is a complaint listed in MANY threads (last count was 18 but I may be behind now), so maybe you should combine all of them and see that this is used and needed by many. Even if only for one transaction per year it become critical for that member.


Not everyone trusts putting all of their info into a phone that can be and often is stolen.


Way to go USAA, way to ignore your members while looking like you support them. Bravo for turning into yet another bank.

Albeit a bit lengthy I couldn't have said it better.  I wonder what the statistics are for USAA customers using ATMs verses those of us who have been electronically depositing for years.  I too used this many times as a "bragging point" about how great USAA online banking is...or was.  It seems like every time their IT department decides to "make things better for the customers" it is in fact another degradation of service to the customers.  I've been a USAA customer (insurance, banking, auto loans...even had a morgage with them) since before most of their IT employees were born, yet they somehow seem to think that they know what is better for me than I do.

I too refuse to use my cell phone to conduct business transactions and trying to force me to do so will backfire.  I am already looking into other options (i.e. banking with another institution).  If that is the intended outcome then their decision to "improve services" is a great success.  BTW, if I end up terminating my banking services, I will also be looking at other options for insurance.  It's a real shame.  I used to brag about USAA's great service to anyone who would listen.  Not so much any more.

Consider filing formal complaints with the CFPB and/or the BBB.


Note concernes of security and elderly or disabled access.





(Forgive me for being long-winded) I would like for all of us to keep on this. If you know other USAA members who do use this service through their desktop computers, please solicit them to write to and call USAA with this complaint. I am not sure what makes more of an impact, a handwritten letter to the CEO, a forum like this one, or utilizing a message through your online account. I have done all but the handwritten letter so far.


I did receive a call yesterday from Stephanie who said it was on behalf of the CEO. She left a message to call her back. She called again this morning (thank you, Stephanie). She had me repeat my grievance. She said that not enough members use the online service. I pointed out that there were several on this forum who have expressed their disappointment at discontinuing the service.


She began to tell me of other ways to do deposits. I interrupted her and said I refused to mail in checks and that I don't want to have to use my phone for such things. I failed to mention that driving to an ATM was not a conenience, especially if it is not a bank ATM (convenience store) or even an ATM at another bank; and USAA have none available. Also included that USAA is becoming like any other bank because none of them have the ability to scan checks and deposit online, at least none that I have used.


Stephanie ended our call saying that I have been heard and that they are reviewing the situation, and if more write and express that they want Deposit@Home to continue, then it may change. SO DON'T GIVE UP just because USAA hasn't responded much in the past. Keep on them about this.


I should have let her finish without interruption, but I read the letter that did state these other options; I saw no need for her to waste the time repeating that information.


I have been a member for over 40 years. Both my husband and I are self-employed, so we receive numerous checks and having the ability to immediately deposit is important. My message through my account messaging contained worse language than what is allowed here; language I don't normally use, but I am so disheartened and angry about this.


For those of you who say you will be looking for another bank, good luck with finding one that will take online, scanned checks like Deposit@Home (and if you do find one, share with us!). Granted, I have not used another bank since being with USAA, so perhaps I don't know what I am talking about. We do use Texans Credit Union. I mentioned being able to deposit online through my account using a desktop computer. They asked how would we do that? Explained the scanning of checks, etc. She said they had no way of figuring out how to do that. Then I asked USAA about it. I believe the answer was that they had exclusive rights to it? Something like that...it was a few years ago.


Bottom line, please continue writing about this to USAA. If you have only expressed this here, please go to your online account and send a message through your account messaging system. It does get read. Or CALL them. I plan on pasting this post in a message to them through my account. I'll let ya know what happens! Thanks to all of you!

@luvYOURsite, thank you so much for your longtime membership, loyalty, and taking the time to post. I understand your concerns, especially being self-employed and relying on the Deposit@Home feature for depositing your checks. I've elevated your concerns to the appropriate team to ensure your feedback is heard. Thank you again for your time. ~Holland

It's been "elevated" by Stephanie, but having the extra punch is appreciated...if indeed we get to keep this deposit method. Thanks