Last time I made a single deposit over $600.00 $100 was placed on "hold" and cleared about one week later (still do not understand why it takes that long). So I called in and was told to make smaller deposits and they will not have any funds held as long as the deposits are under $600.


Well, that is BS as well.


This time I made 3 $300 deposits and now $400 is on hold?!? Of course it is the weekend so I have no access to customer service and to top it off this will now make my car payment late since the hold funds will not clear until after the automatic payment is attempted (which will now bounce back I assume)...


I need direct, specific and MOST IMPOARTANTLY correct information on how to make a "Deposit @ Home" that will not place such large amount on hold. Any advice or suggesitons is welcome.


Sorry for any previous information you were provided, but funds availability is generally based on several factors, not just the dollar amount. You may wish to call and speak with a banking representative to discuss the specific reasons for hold and/or discuss alternative deposit options.